3 Unexpected Drinks Causing Inflammation and Age-Related Diseases

Anti-inflammatory measures become increasingly vital as we age. This is because persistent inflammation increases our risk of cardiovascular disease, arthritis, cancer, and other disorders. Luckily, there are several ways to reduce inflammation as you age.

1. "Diet" beverages

You may assume "diet" foods and drinks are healthy. Sugar has many hazards, so anything without it must be better, right? Unfortunately, Nanavati advises that these zero- or low-calorie choices may harm your health and cause chronic inflammation.

Don't believe diet or zero-calorie drinks. These drinks often contain artificial sweeteners, which can cause insulin resistance and inflammation like sugar.

Another seemingly healthy alternative. After a hard workout, many athletes drink sports drinks to rehydrate and replace electrolytes. Sabat says many sports drinks on retail shelves include hazardous, inflammatory chemicals.

2. Sports drinks

Sports beverages frequently have additional sugars and artificial colors, which can cause inflammation and add calories. Except for strenuous physical exercise, water with a pinch of salt or electrolyte-enhanced water is superior for hydration." Got it!

Many fruits can prevent age-related disorders and are among the healthiest foods. However, regular fruit juice consumption may cause inflammation and other side effects.

3. Bottled fruit juices

Whole fruits are healthier than fruit juices because they contain natural sugars and fiber, "which slows sugar absorption and minimizes insulin rises.

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