5 Standing Exercises To Shrink Your ‘Armpit Pooch’ For Good

In the world of fitness ambitions, "armpit pooch." is often overlooked. That annoying fat pocket between your upper arm and chest that makes you grimace when summer calls for sleeveless dresses and tank tops.

1. Standing Pushups

Standing pushups against a wall or strong surface are great for armpit poochs. Pushups tone and tighten your upper body by targeting your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

2. Single-Arm Overhead Presses

Forget flab with single-arm overhead presses. This powerful action works chest, triceps, and shoulders. This move uses a dumbbell or other weight to challenge your arm and chest, melting armpit fat.

Stand hip-width apart and bend at the waist to touch the floor. Grab a heavy weight with a modest knee bend. Slowly raise both weights to shoulder height with a straight spine and engaged core.

3. Rear Lateral Raises

Some may find kettlebell pull-ups too difficult, but the standing variation is just as effective. This move blasts your arms, shoulders, and resistant armpits throughout the upper body.

4. Standing Pull-ups with Kettlebell

Remember high school gym class? Medicine ball chest passes target your chest, shoulders, and upper arms with strength and precision.

5. Medicine Ball Chest Passes

Strongly hurl a six- to eight-pound medicine ball against a wall and catch it at chest height while standing. This workout works chest, shoulders, and triceps well.

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