7 Healthy Foods That Will Keep You Full Longer

Boiled Potatoes

How you prepare potatoes influences their health, but they're one of the most satisfying foods. Low-fat boiled potatoes fill you up with few calories.


Eggs provide protein and nutrition. Many people who eat them for breakfast eat less during the day. Most of the nutrients in eggs are in the yolks, so eating only the whites won't be as beneficial.


Healthy and satisfying oatmeal makes a fantastic breakfast. Like eggs, oatmeal with breakfast keeps people satiated longer and reduces calorie intake.

Fish is full due to its protein and omega-3 content. There's research into whether it gives more fullness than other proteins, although fish is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef and pork.


A heartier soup will fill you up better than a thin one. Choose soups with meat, potatoes, and pasta for more filling. The water in soup fills you without adding calories.


This high-protein snack or breakfast is popular. Greek Yogurt's high protein and substance helps keep you full between meals. There are many flavorful toppings, from nutritious blueberries to chocolate chips.

Greek Yogurt

Avocados make a tasty snack or supper since they are high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Avocados can also give your skin a dewy, luminous look for days.


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