Avoid These Foods to Lose Visceral Fat

 First, Young advises avoiding white bread, spaghetti, and rice to decrease visceral fat.

 Refined carbohydrates

 Hold the bacon when you make eggs or go to your favorite breakfast establishment! If you want to lose weight

 Processed Meats

 Unfortunately, that includes your favorite charcuterie board's prosciutto and salami.

Processed Meats


 Young says fried meals including egg rolls, French fries, onion rings, fried pickles, and fried chicken are high in saturated

  Fried food

 foods are high in calories and lead to weight gain, she says. "Like refined carbohydrates, fried foods turn into sugar

 Fried food

 This last dish may be the hardest to accept, especially for sweet tooths. Stop eating cookie dough ice cream

  Ice cream

One of the hardest parts of dieting is giving up your favorite vices. Look out, French fries and chocolate chip cookies! If you want to shed visceral fat and tighten,