Expert-Approved Morning Routine for Faster Weight Loss  

 Spend five to 10 minutes stretching and practicing mindfulness before checking your phone or getting out of bed

 Stretch your body and mind.

 "Stress makes it harder to lose weight (cortisol, a stress hormone, is linked to weight gain)

Stretch your body and mind.

 Drink lemon water "to wake your digestive system up before breaking your fast (aka eating breakfast)."

 Drink lemon water or tea.


 Breakfast is vital to your day, so don't skip it! Starting with a fiber- and protein-rich meal can decrease cravings and enhance

 day with breakfast.

 "When I was trying to lose over 100 pounds, I started working out in the morning (which required waking up earlier) s


 She says, "The 80/20 weight-loss guideline applies. You can't out-exercise a terrible diet since 80% of weight reduction

 above nutrition.