Foods That Destroy Abs

 Beer, wine, margaritas! Even low-sugar seltzers may hide your abs. Alcohol affects leanness in several ways.


 Deli meat is a household favorite due to its convenience and adaptability. Despite being low in fat, turkey, chicken

 Deli Meats

 Sugary cereal, whether with milk for a quick breakfast, yogurt for a parfait, or nuts for a trail mix, may be ruining your abs

 Sweetened Cereal


 Grab-and-go snacks and lunches save time but sacrifice nutrition. Sugary, low-fiber, protein-poor granola bars

 Granola Bars

 A basic cup of coffee won't hinder ab ambitions. Coffee caffeine may help burn fat. Milk, cream, and sweeteners in hot

 Coffee Drinks

 Cutting sugar from soda may benefit your waistline, but it may ruin your abs. Diet drink increases abdominal obesity

 Diet Soda