The Best Exercise to Lower Blood Pressure, Study Finds

High blood pressure is called the “silent killer” because it typically goes undiagnosed and increases heart disease risk. Experts advise doctors to give exercise to hypertensives (130/80 mmHg) since it lowers blood pressure without medication.

Recently reviewed studies support isometric exercise, especially wall squats. .Unlike walking or running, which is all about movement, isometric exercise involves contracting muscles and holding that position for a few minutes without moving. It’s static, but very intense. Think of a plank.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine reported that aerobic, resistance, and high-intensity interval training all reduced resting blood pressure “significantly”.

The most beneficial workout was isometric. The authors say it lowered systolic blood pressure by 8 points and diastolic by 4 points.

A comprehensive review and meta-analysis of 270 randomized controlled trials with over 15,000 individuals examined how different types of exercise affected resting blood pressure.

Isometric workouts may work because of the specific physiological response to static muscular contractions.

It's simple but powerful. Certified personal trainer Stephanie Mansour advises leaning against a wall with feet hip-width apart and sliding into a squat. Feet should be far enough from the wall for a 90-degree knee bend with thighs parallel to the floor.

How to do a wall squat

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