These 5 Diet & Exercise Tips Will Melt Pot Belly

No diet works for everybody. All successful diets need followers to consume less calories than they expend daily

 Develop a diet

 To lose belly fat, you must sustain a calorie deficit, whether you eat low-carb, plant-based, or less.

Develop a diet

 HIIT involves brief high-intensity sessions followed by low-intensity periods. HIIT burns more calories, takes

 Perform HIIT.


 Physical activity goes beyond exercises. Include low-intensity exercise in your day. This can involve walks, park

  Increase daily physical exercise.

 Chronic sleep deprivation damages almost every physiological system. I've trained late-night workers who didn't sleep

 Get adequate sleep.

 Use weights or other resistance exercise if feasible. Include this in your HIIT training or do it independently

 Lift weights.

Everyone who has lost weight has struggled with pot belly fat. A multi-pronged strategy is needed to eliminate pot belly. On one hand, exercise alone seldom leads to significant weight loss