Top 5 Triceps Stretches for Flexibility

Triceps stretches are important for improving flexibility and range of motion.

The first stretch is the overhead triceps stretch, which involves reaching one arm overhead and bending the elbow to reach behind the head.

The second stretch is the cross-body triceps stretch, which involves bringing one arm across the body and using the other arm to pull it towards the chest.

The third stretch is the triceps extension stretch, which involves holding a weight or resistance band behind the back and pulling it upwards.


The fourth stretch is the triceps dip stretch, which involves using a bench or chair to dip down and stretch the triceps.

The fifth stretch is the lying triceps stretch, which involves lying on the back and using the opposite hand to pull the arm towards the head.

Incorporating these stretches into your workout routine can help improve your triceps flexibility and range of motion.