Tricks to Cut Sugar and Lose Weight Faster 

 Burak proposes replacing added sugar in cookies, candies, and ice cream with fruit, which has natural sugar

 Replace added sugar

 As said, eating naturally sweet foods is fine. The American Heart Association says everything with fruit or milk includes

Replace added sugar

 You can sweeten things up—healthily! Burak recommends adding cocoa powder or cinnamon to coffee, vanilla

 Opt for healthier


 Burak advises weaning off sports drinks, soda, coffee shop drinks, and juice since they are loaded with sugar.

 Cut back on sugary drinks.

 “You wouldn't believe all the sneaky sources of added sugar in your food,” Burak adds. She advises checking food

 healthy-sounding phrases'

 “Focus on adding quality food,” Burak advises. I'm not talking gummies. Let me explain."

  Compare calories.