Weight Loss Without Quitting Drinking

 Determine your drink count before starting. This makes it easy to stop and recognize your limit when drinks

 intake ahead.

 Let us explain the "ever other" rule. Drink a low-calorie drink after each alcoholic drink. This way, you'll drink less alcohol

  "every other"

 Another pro tip? Before drinking, eat greens and protein. "The fiber and protein keep blood sugar even and keep

 Consume protein


 Despite its obviousness, the Nutrition Twins suggest this behavior is disregarded. You'll benefit greatly from a light, low-carb beer.

 light beer.

 Alcohol should be dessert, not an appetizer. Beginning the evening with alcohol without eating can help you experience


 When you want wine, try prosecco! "Prosecco has less calories (90 in a five-ounce wine glass) than other wines

  Order champagne.