Worst Weight-Loss Protein Foods  

 Despite being tasty and protein-rich, fried chicken is heavy in fat and salt. Skinless chicken breasts have less than eight grams

Fried Chicken

 Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, sausage is a protein powerhouse. Sausage, whether with eggs for breakfast,


 Processed meats like salami are cured, salted, or smoked to improve shelf life. Curing meats improves flavor



 Bacon, another high-fat meat, is a popular morning food. Bacon has roughly the same fat and protein per serving


 Next backyard BBQ, hot dogs are likely on the menu. Beef, pig, and turkey hot dogs are popular with kids and adults

 Hot Dogs

 There are many meal replacement bar alternatives, but not all are made equal. These bars usually include lots of protein

 Replacement Bars